Accumold is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro-molded plastic parts and components for markets that include micro-electronics, medical and micro-optic applications. Processes include: insert molding, clean room molding and 2-shot molding. Materials include: PEEK, Ultem, and LCP.

AiQ Smart Clothing Inc. is considered a pioneer in the Smart Clothes industry. By taking a unique architectural approach, AiQ is working to accelerate the development of a wide variety of smart clothes focused at different slices of human life – play, work, entertain & stay healthy. AiQ’s innovations are backed by over two hundred patents. AiQ believes that clothes are the universal wearables and making them smarter to enrich everyday experiences is a natural progression of technology.

August International undertakes the research and development of wearable electronic products, with world leading patented technology and advanced features. The company has developed the Audar Smart Fall Detection and Healthcare Information System, consisting of Smart Audar Watches and a Smart IoT.  Audar Watches monitor health information of wearers with the IoT processing the data with AI algorithms, outputting information to healthcare services providers, such as insurance companies and healthcare clinics.

CareWear® has developed a wearable photobiomodulation therapy system using blue and red light to decrease pain and accelerate recovery from athletic activity and injury. Our solution is a wearable system with a reusable light patch that can be used pre-training, post-training, or post-injury anywhere: training room, traveling, or home. Just stick the light patch on the treatment site, attach the rechargeable controller, click to start and go! The product is an FDA class II over-the-counter device and can be sold without a prescription.

Datwyler Sealing SolutionsWe are a leading industrial supplier and a key player in the healthcare world. With our medical solutions, we are aiming to create a safer and improved medical environment of tomorrow. Our soft dry electrodes are our proposition for long-term EEG monitoring. They consist of a flexible conductive polymer and customizable design to ensure comfort. Partnering up with the world’s top pharmaceutical and medical companies, we stand by our mission to ensure patient safety and improve patients’ lives.

Energous is leading the next generation of wireless charging – Wireless Charging 2.0 – with its award-winning WattUp® technology that supports fast, efficient contact-based charging and charging over-the-air. WattUp is a scalable, RF-based wireless charging technology that can be designed into various sized devices, while ensuring interoperability across products. Energous received the world’s first FCC Part 18 certification for at-a-distance charging and has 200+ patents/allowed applications.

Hochuen is one of the largest OEM/ODM manufacturers for soft goods and wearable devices in China. We produce devices for Google, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Snap, Oakley, HP, Owlet, Spire, etc. We have extensive know-how and strong capabilities in soft goods manufacturing, soft goods materials (leather, fabric, silicone, etc), flexible electronics, die cutting, lamination, injection molding, CNC precision machining, laser machining, printing, etc.

Multek is a leading value-added manufacturer of printed circuit board technologies, offering a broad range of PCB engineering and manufacturing expertise including high density interconnect, rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex printed circuit and assembly solutions. Serving customers in the wearable, mobile, IoT, medical and many other segments, Multek enables faster time to market via early engineering engagement through to volume mass production.

obvıous. is the app store for sensors, wearables, and IoT devices, the platform that empowers OEMs to revitalize and remonetize products by deploying new features. We show manufacturers that they can design a product once, and use that as a foundation to continue providing value in exchange for profit for as long as the device lasts. We make it simple and effective to make the switch to sustainable business for devices.

SharkDreams develops digital solutions that solve the major problems facing healthcare. By addressing these universal challenges, we aim to make healthcare simpler, facilitate closer patient-provider communication, and enable precision care focused on the needs of individuals. Through our hardware and our software applications, we’re working to build a complete ecosystem that will result in smarter, more connected healthcare providers, and digital clinics that serve the needs of patients better.

Silent Beacon LLC creates a wearable, panic button for people who need immediate aid in emergency situations. The Silent Beacon device allows users to call for help in seconds with the push of a button while simultaneously texting and emailing their chosen contacts with your GPS location. The Beacon is highly customizable, Bluetooth, works internationally and has no monthly fees or hidden costs.

TÜV SÜD is an international leading technical service. The experts are dedicated partners in their clients’ processes, offering industry expertise throughout the entire value chain. They focus their services on their core competencies of consulting, testing, certification and training. Almost 20,000 employees are committed to optimizing technology, systems and know-how at over 800 locations.

As the parent company of the group VARTA AG is active in the business segments Microbatteries and Energy Storage Solutions through its operating subsidiaries VARTA Microbattery GmbH and VARTA Storage GmbH. VARTA Microbattery GmbH is one of the innovation leaders in the microbattery sector, market leading in hearing aid batteries and strives market leadership for Lithium-Ion batteries. Through its subsidiary VARTA Storage GmbH the group also focuses on stationary Lithium-Ion energy storage systems, as well as customized battery storage systems for OEM.

Voler Systems provides electronic design and firmware consulting. We specialize in wearable and IoT devices for companies of all sizes creating medical and consumer products. We have specific knowledge about sensors, wireless communication, power management for battery operated devices, and medical devices. We deliver quality products on-time, on-budget. Our design process mitigates technical risk, and the products are easily manufactured. By focusing on just electronic design and software we are the best at what we do.

Silicones are ideally suited for the increasing needs of wearable medical devices. Desired features include biocompatibility, non-cytoxic & non irritating, easy to process with excellent permeability for improved comfort. WACKER is a globally operating chemical company headquartered in Munich. WACKER posted sales of about €4.6 billion (2016, excluding Siltronic). WACKER in the Americas is represented by Wacker Chemical Corporation, Adrian, MI.

WHALETEQ Co., LTD is a professional test solution provider, bringing ECG, EEG, PPG, and PWTT expertise to reduce efforts spent in either medical device testing or wearable testing. We design, produce, and sell test solutions including test equipment and associated services for medical devices and healthcare wearables. Over 400 medical device manufacturers, EMS providers, certification laboratories, and regulation testing institutes have already adopted WHALETEQ test solutions one after another since 2013.

Nitto Denko Asia Technical Centre was set up in Singapore since 2008, with its business mission to eradicate chronic diseases by tackling mental & physical health of mankind under the branding of Zensorium. The Company is launching its non-medical wearable product called “Self by Zensorium”.  Through its proprietary pulse shape analysis, their said wearable device provides unique insights into stress and advanced sleep stages.

Zimmer and Peacock see that sensors are a critical part of a number of Social and Commercial Revolutions, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Web and the growth of the Invitro Diagnostics Market (IVD).  At Zimmer and Peacock, we are partnering with academia and industry to ensure that there are enough good and commercially available sensors to meet the requirements of these new and growing markets. As part of this Zimmer and Peacock provides a range of products and services including: sensors, the necessary hardware, and customer specific Android and iOS applications, IP generation and scalable manufacturing.